Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whole Wheat Sand Dough Castles

None of my four children like feeling bored (including the baby), and I dread hearing about it.  However, because of our upcoming move to Canada, I am more uptight than usual about their penchant for messy projects.  Still, we've managed to make a few things, which I will share when I can, though I cannot predict when.

A few weeks ago I chose to do a project that would help clean out my cupboards--sand dough.  The recipe is adapted from those trendy cloud dough recipes.  But what I had in my cupboard (which most people would have tossed once the expiration date had come and gone) was:
  • Stone-ground whole wheat flour (old)
  • Vegetable oil (older)

And what we made were these sandcastles:

We unintentionally left the dough outside and then it rained.  And along came a heat wave.  So the dough got icky fast.  I recommend keeping it indoors when not in use.  It might last a week or so, possibly longer if kept in the fridge.

Ordinary play sand or sandpaper castles are more durable, but the supplies needed aren't what I'm trying to clear out of my cupboards.  Another project that accomplished the same cupboard-emptying goal was our earthworm "dirt".

Are you a saver or a tosser?


Angel Read said...

That looks a little like Moon Dough!

Heather said...

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